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В статье приведена справочная информация, для того что бы найти подходящее решение именно под вас, советуем обратится к консультанту. Это бесплатно. Так же действует бесплатный номер по всей России

Программа защиты свидетелей Мэдеи - (2012)

Программа защиты свидетелей Мэдеи (2012 ) Goofs When the family first meets Madea, Kate walks in wearing black open-toed high heel shoes. When Kate is upstairs unpacking, she is wearing tall brown boots. See more », Quotes Brian. Guess some other lucky person will make that $4,000 a month. Brian. Madea. You know what? I believe it would be the greatest Christianity thing I could do to help somebody in need. So Im gonna go ahead and make up these sheets and clean up.

See more », Connections Soundtracks Church Organ Written by Ronnie Garrett Performed by Justin Gilbert Published by MY TY PE Music Publishing (BMI) See more », Frequently Asked Questions User Reviews Tyler Perry',s Madea',s Witness Protection is mostly lame but at least mostly avoids a preaching a lesson this time Just watched this Tyler Perry/Madea movie with my mom.

I thought with Eugene Levy-who I',ve long liked since his ",SCTV", days-this might be a little more funnier considering I usually don',t like Madea movies as they tend to be too preachy for my tastes. There were some really good stuff like almost anything involving Doris Roberts. I also liked Tom Arnold',s brief appearance.

Also, Madea',s playing a woman named Precious Jackson got some good mileage out of the famous Jackson family. Otherwise, the movie was too long and was mostly pretty lame during that time. Still, it wasn',t too bad like I said and besides, the movie was harmless enough.

P.S. Perhaps because of Denise Richards', supporting role here, Charlie Sheen is in the blooper reel during the end credits. Oh, and I was sooooo disappointed at Marla Gibbs too-brief appearance. 0 of 0 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Message Boards

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